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The Side Panels

Many different panels can be accessed from the menu at the side of the application window. This panel can be moved to either the left or right side of the layout by clicking and dragging the logo at the top.

The side panels can also be opened from the "View" menu at the top of the application.

The Launch Bar

Each Icon in the Launch Bar

1. Voice

General settings that apply to the entire track or group, such as which singer to use, which language to sing in, and default note settings.

2. AI Retakes

Pro Feature - AI Retakes

Allows the creation and selection of alternate "takes", both for pitch and timbre.

3. Note Properties

Individual settings to customize the selected note(s), such as toggling pitch modes or adjusting phoneme timing.

4. Library

Management of note groups.

5. Dictionary

Management of dictionary entries which determine how a lyric is converted to phonemes.

6. Render

Render the audio output to a .wav file.

7. License & Updates

License management and software update controls.

8. Settings

Application settings and keyboard shortcuts.

Detaching Side Panels

Side panels can be detached by dragging their header.

Collapsing Panel Headings

Each section within a side panel can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on its heading.

The Side Panels in Detail

For a detailed look at the options within each side panel, see The Side Panels in Detail.

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