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The Workspace

Shown below is the workspace for a typical project with an instrumental track.

A High-level Overview of the Application GUI

1. Arrangement

Displays vocal and instrumental tracks with basic mixer controls, time axis information, and an overview of track contents. Also displays transport/playback controls when focused by user input.

2. Piano Roll

The main panel for note creation, editing, and pitch/timing visualization. Also displays transport/playback controls when focused by user input.

3. Parameters

A panel for viewing and modifying parameter curves to influence vocal behavior over time.

4. Launch Bar

Buttons for opening the various side panels.

Workspace Navigation

Aside from using the scrollbars on the bottom and right borders, you can conveniently navigate in all directions using modifier key+Mouse wheel combinations.

Shortcut Description
Mouse wheel Vertical scroll
Shift+Mouse wheel Horizontal scroll
Ctrl+Mouse wheel Horizontal zoom (mouse-centered)

There is no support for vertical zoom.

The modifier key used for each of these functions can be customized in the Settings panel.

Changing the Naviation Controls

The Status Bar

If the "Show status bar" option is enabled in the Settings panel, a status bar will be visible at the bottom of the application window.

The status bar shows contextual information depending on the current mouse cursor position.

The Status Bar

Rearranging the Workspace

The workspace panels can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the respective label.

Video Demonstration

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