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Synthesizer V Studio

Synthesizer V Studio is a singing synthesizer released in July 2020, with AI synthesis functions added in December of 2020.

This website serves as an unofficial user manual for Synthesizer V Studio, since the official manual by Dreamtonics refers to the legacy version of the software from 2018.

For official instructional content for SynthV Studio, check the Dreamtonics video tutorial series.

Additional unofficial guides and resources can be found on

This website is not affiliated with Dreamtonics.

The user manual is separated into sections in order of complexity.

New users should start by reading the Quickstart section in order before moving on to the more advanced topics.

Desktop users can navigate using the menu to the left, and mobile users can tap the three-lines icon in the top left corner to open the navigation menu.

Accessing the navigation menu on mobile

Accessing the navigation menu on mobile

Using the Search Function

If you are looking for information about a specific feature, the search function will often offer the fastest way to find that information.

Click on the "Search" text box in the top right of the page (or tap the magnifying glass icon on mobile) and type a keyword.

In some situations you will want to surround your search term in double quotes in order to prioritize results matching the exact phrase instead of just the individual words.

Using the Search Function

Latest Update (2023-03-18)

ee28125 ยท Major revision of the Pitch Transition and Vibrato page (#11)

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