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The Parameters Panel

Parameters Panel

1. Window Range

The minimum and maximum range indicators for the currently selected parameter.

2. Tool Selection

Swap between the pointer, pencil, and line tools.

3. Zoom

Multiplies the window range by 2 or 4 times. Not all parameters can be zoomed.

Disabled is the most "zoomed in", while 4x is the largest multiplier of the visible range, and is therefore more "zoomed out".

4. Editing Parameter

The current parameter being edited in the foreground of the parameters panel.

5. Display Parameter

A parameter to display for reference behind the current editing parameter.

6. Display Parameter Curve

The curve associated with the selected display (background) parameter.

7. Editing Parameter Curve

The curve associated with the selected editing (foreground) parameter.

8. Curve Type

Select different behaviors for interpolating the curve between points.

9. Swap Editing and Display

Swap the editing (foreground) and display (background) parameters.

Multiple Parameter Panels

Additional parameter panels can be added to the workspace with the three-bars () icon in the upper right of the Piano Roll.

Add Parameter Panel

Unneeded parameter panels can also be removed by clicking the ✖ icon on the far right side.

Multiple Parameter Panels

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