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This unofficial user manual was created to provide an up-to-date set of documentation for Synthesizer V Studio. It was created voluntarily and without compensation by users of the software and is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Dreamtonics.

Please provide any feedback via the thread on the official forums or report any problems via a GitHub Issue.

Content Contribution

If you would like to help improve or maintain this website, feel free to create a pull request.

Diagram Consistency Guidelines

Diagrams should be consistent with the following:

  • 22pt Arial labels (black)
    • 16pt for longer text, though any long text should be part of the markdown body and reference a numbered label
  • 4px #FF0000 (red) lines and boxes
    • Where boxes would obscure important information, arrows can be used to indicate specific UI elements (4px red)
  • White margin/background
  • Labels are positioned to the sides or above/below, but not both within the same diagram
    • When labels are used, they should be placed in the margins, not overlaid on the application
    • The sides that do not contain labels may have a 10px white margin, but images with no labels at all should not have a margin unless they are side-by-side comparisons (example)
    • Labels may be staggered, but this should be avoided unless necessary (example)
  • Labels are numbered where appropriate, with corresponding text descriptions below the diagram
    • When labels are to the sides, numbering begins top-to-bottom in the left margin, then continues top-to-bottom down the right margin (example)
    • When labels are above/below, numbering begins left-to-right along the top margin, then continues left-to-right along the bottom margin (example)
  • Lines are vertical and horizontal where possible, and labels are not rotated
    • Arrows are vertical, horizontal, or at a 45° angle
  • All multi-layer base diagram files (non-flattened) are saved alongside the final png
    • These guidelines provide clear and readable diagrams, however if we change the guidelines later having the non-flattened files will mean we can just replaces the labels, lines, and boxes without needing to retake all the underlying screenshots
  • Any video demonstrations should either be short (a few seconds) or link to an official Dreamtonics YouTube video
    • You can use Gyazo or a similar tool to record short clips


  • Claire (GitHub)
  • Susko (GitHub) - formatting assistance
  • Jesse James - revised transition & vibrato visualization diagrams
  • TiredBee (GitHub) - phoneme reference sheet
  • Blathroat - Chinese translation (

Support The Project

The only monetary expense related to this project is $25/year for the domain name. Both this user manual and the main site are hosted at no cost using GitHub Pages.

If you would like to help cover the cost of the domain or just show appreciation for the time dedicated to the writing and upkeep of the information presented here, you can do so on Ko-fi.

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