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Default Keybinds

Most keybinds in Synthesizer V Studio map directly to one of the functions accessible via the menus at the top of the application, and are labelled according to their location. Since user scripts also appear in the top menus, this means many custom functions can also be assigned a hotkey.

A function's associated keybind will be displayed to its right in dropdown and right-click menus.

Keyboard shortcuts can be modified at the bottom of the Settings panel.

Default Keyboard Shortcuts

While all options under the top menus can be assigned a hotkey, only those that have a default keybind have been listed here.

Feature or Operation Windows/Linux Mac
File - New Ctrl+N Cmd+N
File - Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O
File - Save Ctrl+S Cmd+S
File - Save As Ctrl+Shift+S Cmd+Shift+S
File - Import Ctrl+Shift+I Cmd+Shift+I
Edit - Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z
Edit - Redo Ctrl+Y Cmd+Y
Edit - Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C
Edit - Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X
Edit - Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V
Edit - Delete Selection Del Del
Edit - Select All Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Edit - Select All Parameters Ctrl+Shift+A Cmd+Shift+A
Edit - Select Parameters for Notes Ctrl+Alt+A Cmd+Option+A
Edit - Unselect Esc Esc
View - Multi-edit Tool (Pointer) Alt+1 Option+1
View - Pencil Tool Alt+2 Option+2
View - Line Tool (Parameters panel) Alt+3 Option+3
View - Note Properties Panel Ctrl+B Cmd+B
Modify - Insert Lyrics (batch entry) Ctrl+L Cmd+L
Modify - Shift Lyric Forward Ctrl+Shift+Right Cmd+Shift+Right
Modify - Shift Lyric Backward Ctrl+Shift+Left Cmd+Shift+Left
Modify - Simplify Parameters Alt+S Option+S
Modify - Create Anchor Points Alt+A Option+A
Modify - Snap to Grid Ctrl+G Cmd+G
Modify - Transpose Ctrl+T Cmd+T
Modify - Shift Up by an Octave Ctrl+U Cmd+U
Modify - Shift Down by an Octave Ctrl+D Cmd+D
Modify - Merge into Group Alt+G Option+G
Modify - Disband Group Alt+D Option+D
Auto-Process - Rerun with New Random Seed Alt+R Option+R
Auto-Process - Generate a New Take Alt+T Option+T
Auto-Process - Crop to Active/Liked Takes Shift+Alt+T Shift+Option+T
Transport - Play Space Space
Transport - Pause Space Space
Transport - Stop Ctrl+Space Cmd+Space
Transport - Seek to End Ctrl+End Cmd+End
Transport - Record Num * Num *
Other - Next Note (cannot be rebound) Tab Tab
Other - Previous Note (cannot be rebound) Ctrl+Tab Cmd+Tab