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The Piano Roll

Piano Roll Toolbar

The Piano Roll

1. Tool Selection

Allows changing between the pointer and pencil tools. The pointer (Alt+1) is suited to selecting and modifying notes, while the pencil (Alt+2) allows for quicker note creation and freehand pitch drawing.

2. Visibility Toggles

Toggles the visibility of various elements of the piano roll:

  • Target pitch
  • Actual pitch (non-AI singers only)
  • Waveform preview
  • Phoneme timing
  • Retake indicators

3. Transport Controls

When the piano roll is focused by user input, the transport controls will be displayed.

4. Time Axis

Measure (bar) numbers, as well as time signature and tempo (BPM) markers.

5. Editing Mode

Toggles between note editing and pitch editing modes.

6. Snap Setting

Sets the grid snap interval for the piano roll.

The chain-link () icon can be toggled on to toggle both the selected tool and current editing mode when either option is changed.

Tool/Mode Link

Recenter View

The Recenter View Button in the upper right corner of the Piano Roll can be used to quickly scroll to the nearest note in the current track or group.

Recenter View Button

Piano Roll Main Window

The Piano Roll

1. Notes

Notes are displayed in the piano roll as colored rectangles, with their vertical position (pitch) corresponding to the piano key on the left and their horizontal position (timing) corresponding to the time axis above.

Green notes represent singing, while red notes are for rap. A solid green or red note as shown below will have its pitch curve generated automatically based on the selected pitch mode ("Sing" or "Rap").

Notes in Sing and Rap mode

If a small triangle is present in the upper-right corner of a note, this indicates that it has been set to Manual Mode, which allows the user full control over the note's pitch curve.

When a note is set to Manual Mode, its color represents the mode it was assigned prior to the user taking manual control, however the pitch curve will no longer be generated automatically. The color of a note set to Manual Mode has no effect on the output, and is only used to visually delineate song and rap sequences within a project.

Notes in Manual Mode

2. Phonemes

Phonemes represent the actual sounds produced by a singer. Each lyric entered in a note will automatically be converted to phonemes.

3. Selected Note

The currently selected note(s) will be highlighted.

4. Target Pitch Line

The exact pitch that the synthesis engine will attempt to match when rendering audio output.

4a. Actual Pitch Line

When using a non-AI singer, a blue line will closely follow the target pitch line. This represents the actual rendered pitch of the synthesized vocals.

5. Retake Indicator

Pro Feature - AI Retakes

If using AI Retakes, indicates which take is being used for the note.

6. Waveform Preview and Phoneme Timing

A preview of the waveform for the note, as well as timing indicators for the individual phonemes associated with it.

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