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Saving the Audio

The audio output can be exported to a wav file via the Render panel, accessible from the launch bar.

Give your files a name, select the tracks to render, and press "Bounce to Files" to export in wav format.

Additional format settings are also available, such as bit depth and sample rate.

Pro Feature - Aspiration Output

Synthesizer V Studio Pro can isolate and export separate files for aspiration (the sounds produced by airflow). The aspiration can then be mixed differently in your DAW, or used as a reference when de-essing.

Selecting an "isolated" aspiration option will remove the aspirant sounds from the main channel/file, resulting in a base file that only contains phonation (the sounds produced by the vocal cords). In this case the files must be recombined in the mixing process to have a complete result.

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Last update: 2023-06-21
Created: 2023-01-15