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Vocal Modes

Pro Feature

The features described below require Synthesizer V Studio Pro.

Using Vocal Modes

Vocal modes can be found in the Voice panel. Each AI voice database has a number of presets which can be used to customize vocal timbre, articulation, and dynamics. The presets available vary between each AI voice database.

Vocal modes can be used individually or in combination, and different settings can be used for each track or group.

The slider for each vocal mode can be set to values from 0% to 150%.

SOLARIA Vocal Modes

Modifying Vocal Modes Over Time

Vocal Modes can be selected in the parameters panel. The vocal mode setting will deviate from the base value set in the Voice panel based on the parameter curve.

Vocal Modes as Parameters

Video Demonstration

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Last update: 2023-06-21
Created: 2023-01-21